No ID Verification Withdrawal Casino

If you have never played online casino games before, you might be very surprised to find out that most casinos won’t let you cash out money until you verify your account. It feels like at a land-based casino where you come for the first time and have to show your ID card to prove you are over 18. Online casinos have the same process when you register a new account and want to play some real money games.

But showing your passport at a venue is much easier and safer than sending copies of your ID to the internet casino. More than that, your documents won’t be checked in a second. You’ll need to wait hours or even days till your account is verified by the casino team. These are the main reasons why no ID verification withdrawal casino is in high demand among online casino players.

Why Online Casinos Ask for ID

As you know, the gambling industry faces serious promblems with potential money abuse. Remember all these stories and movies about money laundering in Vegas casinos? That is why all casino venues, regardless of their location, need to know who is playing at their tables and slot machines. Then, the information is given to the gambling authorities, which makes it easier for them to investigate possible offenses and avoid them next time.

There’s one more reason why online casinos ask for documents. They need to verify you are of legal gambling age. Almost all countries allow gambling only for adults. In Canada, for example, provincial governments have different legal gambling ages: in Ontario, it’s 19, while in Quebec it’s 18. If underaged players gamble on a casino site, it will be a big risk for the casino operator. No one wants to take this risk, so online casinos prefer to know your age and date of birth.

Why Players Try to Avoid ID Checks

Of course, the main reason is security. Sending your personal information and banking details to the internet is quite risky because it is full of fraudsters. For sure, if you send out the data to a licensed and reliable casino operator that uses SSL encryption, it is a safe process. But many players still avoid taking the risk.

Another reason is personal privacy. In the modern world, everyone is concerned about their private data on the internet. That is why no ID verification online casinos are appreciated more than standard online casinos.

Risks of Playing at No ID Verification Withdrawal Casinos

Over the last year, there appeared more online casinos that allow withdrawals without ID verification. Most casinos of this type don’t have an appropriate license. However, some of them can hold a license, but the standards are rather loose.

And although it is recommended to gamble only at licensed casinos, it doesn’t mean that unlicensed casinos are dangerous. Most of them still offer a lot of games and payout real money. However, in the event of a problem, players cannot do anything because there aren’t any authorities that are responsible for fair play. In other words, if you win money and haven’t got paid, you can forget about the money.

Play Smart and Safe

No ID verification withdrawal casinos have enough benefits to make you join them right now. Thus, if you want to play anonymously, this option is for you. However, if you don’t trust no ID casinos, then consider playing at traditional casino sites that will allow you to cash out only after account verification.